Pure Michigan, pure wonder, and somewhat bazaar sights are all around us. Why does this guy only have half a head? Pure Michigan's Youtube channel posted this video to Facebook showcasing the spectacular view from the overlook at Tahquamenon Falls in Paradise, Michigan. If you pan to the left of the falls you will see a guy who seems to only have half a head. Even the butterflies seem to be fascinated by him. As he moves away his whole head does appear and everything is normal.

These 360 videos don't always work with certain websites or browsers so here is a second option from Facebook.

As it turns out, this is a type of Parallax, a misalignment of the two camera lenses that are only noticeable when a subject/person are at a specific point in relation to the two cameras. I only mention this because I am a tech junkie and love cameras. As for the video, I just hope you enjoy the falls.

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