There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Paw Paw Redskins logo/Mascot for several years now. Individuals wanting the mascot to change probably wouldn't be happy with this.

While looking for bits of odd stuff and some clothing to use for parts of a Halloween costume, I came across this shirt in a Goodwill. An image I have never seen before. I took a picture and shared it on a couple Facebook pages to see what I could learn about its origin. One Facebook page, Paw Paw Now And Then, either takes the side of those wanting the mascot changed or simply didn't want to hear an argument over the photo, deleted my post and have nor responded to my question of why it was removed.

Vanished Paw Paw on the other hand, allowed the post. While most people on the site have never seen it before, I got one response that revealed the origin of the shirt.

It is official. It was from 4 years ago football. It was our shirts we got during football camp. So yes, it is official. -Connor Reeves

Now I know. What do you think of this rendition of the Paw Paw mascot?

BONUS VIDEO: Paw Paw's Maple Lake in the fall of 2016

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