Sweetwater's Donut Mill may be making vegans very happy soon as they are working on 'perfecting' a vegan version of their donuts.

The reveal came via the Vegan Kalamazoo Facebook group. A group member wondered about the availability of vegan donuts in Southwest Michigan. Here's a screen shot of a conversation between Sweetwater's and a customer:

I am wondering if you'd ever consider offering vegan donuts? Just 1 or 2 flavors would be awesome.

Sweetwater's replied:

We've actually had quite a few people ask about vegan donuts. We are currently working on perfecting our product, and we plan to make a big announcement if/when we finally release it.

So just how close is Sweetwater's to "perfecting" a product? We may not know until they're ready to make that big announcement. Until then, the roughly 1300 members of the Vegan Kalamazoo group will continue to drool as they pass by Sweetwater's.

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