Garage and yard sales are around every corner and curve this time of year. Do you have what it takes to endure a day of driving, shopping and haggling? 

Planning on spending the day hitting up local bargains? I searched several sites to make shopping easier for you and the sales you are visiting. Here are ten tips to make your shopping experience go smooth and easy.

  1. The first and most important thing, plan your route! check places like and Craigslist to find the ones you want to hit around Kalamazoo.
  2. Ask if they will take less but expect sellers to want at least 33% of the asking price.
  3. Look for signs that are neat and clearly written. This will usually take you to sales with items that were better cared for by their owners.
  4. Plan on stops to use a restroom but don't plan on asking to use the one at a sale.
  5. Bring plenty of fluids, sunscreen and a hat. Staying hydrated and and comfortable will help prevent you from being irritable.
  6. Leave the kids behind so you don't 'leave the kids behind. Also, some kids have to touch everything and some sellers go by the 'you break it, you bought it rule.
  7. Make sure you have plenty of cash. Most sellers won't take checks and fewer take credit cards.
  8. Ask if the seller is willing to hold something for you before you pay for it and have a clearly defined time as to when you will pick it up.
  9. If you think something is 'ugly' or 'gross', move on and keep your comments to yourself, especially if you still plan on buying from them.
  10. Probably the most important rule, say hello to the seller. They will remember your politeness when it comes time to haggle.

Did we forget anything? tell us in the comments.


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