Warm weather and long days set the foundation for a great garage sale. Here are ten tips for making your Kalamazoo sale a success. 

After searching websites for ways to have a successful garage sale and picking the very best tips. We are proud to present you with the top 10 ways to make your sale successful.

  1. A group sale will draw more lookers and combining items may give them the look they are after. Check Craigslist to see when the sales close to you are happening so you can benefit from those shoppers as well.
  2. Keep doors locked before the sale starts. Keep your house locked during the sale.
  3. Shoppers who arrive before your starting time still have plenty of cash, don't turn them away.
  4.  Watch your shoppers but don't follow them around the sale, this could scare some away.
  5. Set up a canopy for shade so you can be comfortable. This will also let people know where to pay or ask questions.
  6. Keep your young children and pets away from the sale. Some may not wand a child asking questions or pets 'sniffing them up'.
  7. Better yet, let them have a lemonade stand. Shoppers may be looking for something to drink, your kids will learn some responsibility and you can make a but of extra money on the side.
  8. Have plenty of bags and news paper to wrap fragile items.
  9. Greet people as they arrive so they will know you're there and identify you as the person to ask if they have questions.
  10. Be prepared to negotiate on prices because that's bound to happen. Know ahead of time what you will not budge on and what you just want to get rid of.

Any other tips you want to share? tell us in the comments.

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