The gospel truth on the best way to enjoy the outdoor movie experience in Coldwater.

A trip to the drive in is always on the Summer experience checklist. It's something I do at least once every year. Going to a drive-in movie is entirely different from your local multiplex. These are the 10 commandments of the Capri Drive In Theater.

  • 1

    Thou shalt arrive early.

    We’re used to many movies with varied start times, but at the Capri, traffic lines up along US-12 to file in. Plan on waiting in a long line of cars to get in; it takes some time and the movies start at dusk.

  • 2

    Thou shalt bring cash.

    The Capri Drive In is cash only for admission and at the snack bar.

  • 3

    Thou shalt not say “I’m bored.”

    Bring something to keep the kids (and you) occupied while waiting for the movie to start. Think Frisbees and footballs, not tablets and cell phones. The Capri has a large, grassy are in front of the screen where the kids can play until it gets dark.

  • 4

    Thou shalt honor thy homeland.

    The night officially begins with the playing of our national anthem at the Capri- doff thy cap, heathen.

  • 5

    Thou shalt bring camp chairs and a blanket.

    You are not required to sit in your assigned drivers or passenger seat; movies can be enjoyed from the (relative) comfort of your favorite outdoor chair. Don’t forget a blanket- Southwest Michigan nights can get chilly.

  • 6

    Thou shalt keep thy tribe close.

    Park in only one spot. Don’t sprawl your clan from Bronson to I-69.

  • 7

    Thou shalt bring bug spray.

    The mosquitoes get big in Branch County.

  • 8

    Thou shalt be courteous in the 517.

    If you have a large truck or SUV, park in one of the back rows so you don’t block the view of others. The Capri crew may hand you a rope to tie down your rear door before the movie begins.

  • 9

    Let there be (no) light.

    You have much more freedom to use your cellphone at a drive in, but light pollution disturbs the other patrons around you- keep the headlights off and interior lights dark.

  • 10

    Thou shalt not litter.

    No usher sweeps the floor of the theater after screenings and Tom and Susan are not your parents.

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