A developer plans to build a new development on Lake Michigan which could destroy the buried town of Singapore and erase this historic site from existence.

First, a bit of history.

In April of 2017, on an urban exploration to Saugatuck to try and get out onto the sand dunes where the lost lumber town of Singapore is located. Singapore residence did such a good job at logging the area with no thought to the environmental impact on their town. With the trees gone, the wind off Lake Michigan was unstoppable and the sand began moving in and took its revenge on the town.

More recently, as reported by WOOD-TV,

The saw mill town of Singapore was swallowed by the dunes about 150 years ago. It’s unclear what may still be under the sand, which is why the Army Corps of Engineers is requiring an archaeological survey before it will continue to review the developer’s application.

So for now, it appears there may be a bit of a historical excavation that could take place. A chance to learn more about the history and people of this ghost town.

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