There are lots of national publications who love to do surveys about the best "this" or the best "that," and while it's cool to see Michigan involved in a lot of these, you sometimes get the feeling that these people doing these researches have only been to one part of the state. In a recent article done by The Daily Meal, they list the Best 101 Pizzas In America. 4 pizza places in Michigan made the list, with one of them making the Top 10. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about Southwest Michigan being snubbed.

What this is actually about is letting people know that although No. 94 Cloverleaf Pizza in Eastpointe, No. 57 Loui’s Pizza in Hazel Park, No. 35 Supino Pizzeria in Detroit, and No. 6's Buddy’s Pizza are all great pizzas (which I've tried), they all fall in comparison to two pizza places we have in Southwest Michigan who really deliver on what can be considered "the best." Again, who are we to say what's the best anything? It's a subjective subject. But I challenge the people from The Daily Meal to Come to Kalamazoo and try the following pizza places, then re-evaluate their list:

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Bilbo's Pizza in Kalamazoo: Named after the infamous Tolkien character, not only does Bilbo's have the best pizza in town, but once you slap into their dill dip, you'll fast realize why this pizza deserves a top place in the search for best in America.

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Curly's in Colon: Colon? Yes it's a place. In fact, many would argue that 5 Star Pizza next door is even better, but I gotta be honest: Curly's is the best pizza I've ever had. The fact they get the crust so crunchy, yet STACK toppings and cheese all over their pies is something out of this world. Never soggy, never with drippy toppings, this place is king.

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