There are many haunted places on the campus of Michigan State University. The focus here is on one of the more legendary: Holmes Hall. The paranormal activity in this building is one of the most famous legends, concerning the poltergeist activity with the elevators.

1) On the 6th floor of the west building, a shadowy figure is seen to enter an elevator; the door immediately opens after a couple of seconds and the elevator is empty.

2) In a related instance, around 3am some have seen TWO figures waiting for a sixth floor elevator; these figures get into the elevator but it doesn't move, witnesses look into the elevator and see it's completely empty.

3) Sometimes appliances and lights mysteriously turn on & off by themselves.

4) Some students have reported the shadowy shape of a male walking through their room during the night.

5) Doors and windows fly open and slam shut.

Are you - or have you ever been - a student at MSU and experienced any of these?

In the past, MSU officials have granted paranormal investigations...if you're interested and want to do a serious investigation, contact the office at Holmes Hall and find out how to get permission. The photo gallery below shows photos of past MSU paranormal investigations. 


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