The Great Race pits classic car against classic car in a race through several states, passing through Kalamazoo and ending in Traverse city

The Great Race 2017 started in Jacksonville, Florida on June 24th and ends in Traverse City, Michigan on July 2nd with a stop on June 29th at the Gilmore Car Museum at 12:15 pm for lunch. Then they will continue to the overnight stop in Ypsilanti. The finish line will be set up at the intersection of Union and Seventh in Traverse City.

The Great Race started as an idea in 1982 and turned into reality one year later. The race isn't all about speed, you do need to follow the speed limit. The racers are, however, scored. Reading the downloadable pdf, they are scored on time, following the route with no missed turns and car maintenance to prevent unexpected break downs.

So, on Thursday, take a lunch break and head out to the Gilmore Car Museum and check out the cars as they roll in for a pit stop and a bite to eat.

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