Those who communicate well on Instagram are a unique breed, IMHO here are the top five Grand Rapids related Instagram feeds.

5. Mayor Rosalynn Bliss (@roslynn_bliss) -- Our beloved mayor is not only a tireless spokesperson for GR, she also shares her personal life with her constituents. This makes for a fun, breezy feed.

4. Experience Grand Rapids (@experiencegrandrapids) -- The convention and marketing arm of the city offers an artful feed with cool hangouts combined with stunning views of our city.

3. The City of Grand Rapids (@citygrandrapids) -- The official city feed offers not only weekend to do lists, it also features both current photos of our city, and nostalgic looks back to a slower paced Grand Rapids.

2. Grand Rapids Daily (@grandrapidsdaily) -- A daily reminder of how blessed we are to live here. While I'm not entirely sure who runs this feed, it can take a mundane view, like the photo of the 131 below, and make it seem precious.

1. PlantParenthoodImprov (@plantparenthoodimprov) -- If you have a sense of humor driven by a clear vision of what is stereotypical of Grand Rapids and its suburbs, you will enjoy this feed, which constantly pokes fun at the absurdity of life in West Michigan.