The story of a glowing grave in Winegar Cemetery has been on the internet but no one ever stated which grave glows or why. Check out this strange find. 

Urban Exploration and ghost hunting are a couple of my hobbies, I'm a curious person and want to explore and discover new things. When I first heard of the 'Glowing Grave', from Ghosts of America, I had to check it out. Armed with a quality DSLR and a tripod (and bug spray) I headed to Byron Center, Michigan. The site page doesn't say which grave glows so I was prepared to hang out long after dark. It wasn't long after dark when I noticed a grave near the back of the cemetery by the storage garage start to stand out.

John Mason/TSM

The marker was made of the same stone as many of the others and didn't appear to have been altered in any way. The photo above was taken using a flash to read the name 'GEGOREY'. All the rest of the writing was eligible.

John Mason/TSM

This photo (above) was taken using a tripod and a 15-second exposure.

John Mason/TSM

This photo was also taken with a 15-second exposure and shows a couple other grave markers made of the same stone that are barely visible.

I would also like to note that the moon was full but not visible this early in the evening. It was overcast and this area was covered by trees.

Have you ever heard of this glowing grave or any others?

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