These pesky guys are hard to get rid of. Becoming more and more of a problem in Michigan in the last few years. Just when you think you've rid them from your home, one will clumsily make itself known when you least expect it. There are professional pest control services, but if you have children or pets in your home you may be reluctant to take that approach. Keep reading and we can go over some natural options to try before bringing in the big guns.

Known by scientists as “Halyomorpha halys", the brown marmorated stink bug is an insect native to China, Japan and Taiwan that was accidentally introduced into the United States. These guys are believed to have made an illegal entry into the U.S. by hiding out in cargo being ship from their native region. (Where is a wall when you need it?) They were first documented in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in September 1998. The bug received its name from its ability to emit an awful odor through holes in its abdomen when it feels threatened or attempts to find a mate. The stink bugs invade homes in the fall in order to hibernate through winter. Their hibernation is usually interrupted once inside your warm walls.

WikiHow lists many options and starts with using Diatomaceous Earth, a chalk like substance that can be spread in your yard or around your home. The food grade version of Diatomaceous Earth is so safe it can even be found in some toothpastes. Other options include making a garlic spray, growing or spreading cat nip or mint. Those that regularly use essential oils may already know this but peppermint oil is a fantastic pest deterrent. You can dilute with water and spray around entry points or put the peppermint oil directly on cotton balls and place where you wish.