While hanging out on the south end of the state yesterday with some family, we decided to grill up some sausages at the end of the day for dinner. They told me about this store Sand Lake Grocery in the town of Nottawa, just in between Three Rivers and Colon,  that has over 30 different kinds of sausages to pick from. We got in the store and realized that was no exaggeration.

TSM/Mark Frankhouse
TSM/Mark Frankhouse

There are actually 34 different flavors of brats to choose from, which are mixed and linked right there in the store. They had all sorts of flavors like, Rosemary & Wine, Mushroom & Swiss, Coney Island, Philly Cheese Steak, Teriyaki & Pineapple, and even one called Gabrielle's Gummy Bears!

The brats were amazing and there tons of other varieties of meats available in the store as well; And at around $1.45 a brat, the drive is totally worth it. I haven't even gotten into the ice cream they serve there! But I'll save that for another time.



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