Greetings from Marblehead on Drummond Island, the easternmost point in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the first spot to see the sunrise from Lake Huron.

There are no roads to reach this part of Drummond Island. You'd need to hike or take an off-road vehicle, but it's worth the trouble to find:

This is a wonderful experience if you like off-roading. Both downhill and uphill are challenging. After going down, you find yourself in a little piece of above a beautiful forest and breathtaking views. It's a perfect spot for a morning coffee if you want to camp here. - Google Review

The hiking trail is 8.6 miles and begins at a trailhead from Glen Cove Road.

GleasonDOT captured this drone footage of Marblehead and the incredibly scenic and remote part of the UP. Just how remote is Drummond Island? It's residents, particularly school children, face the most extreme commute in the state.

If you do happen to make a trip to Drummond Island for Marblehead and the sunrise, be sure to include a tip to the north shore of the island and the fossil ledges. From the Island's tourism association:

The “ledges” are made up of the fossilized remains of a salt water coral bed. The "Ledges" is a unique place formed by nature that not many people know about or get to visit. The journey there can be a bit tricky, so be prepared for some off-roading. However, it is worth your while if you have a vehicle with high clearance.

See the photos below: