The next steps have been approved to bring a second Chick-fil-A to Kalamazoo: see the building plans and get a look at the layout of the new location.

Back in April, we got word that another Chick-fil-A would be opening in Kalamazoo with a proposed location at the Northeast corner of Drake and West Main. That has been officially confirmed as the franchise has gotten city permission to proceed. The franchise was granted a parking variance by the Zoning Board of Appeals at a March 14 meeting. The video was shared to the City of Kalamazoo YouTube channel on July 8. (Note, this is not an official channel, but the content in this case is footage of an actual meeting.)

As you can see in the video below, the architectural plans call for 110 seats inside the restaurant and another 16 outside on a patio. The variance granted (and the reason for the meeting) was for a total of 60 parking places, 26 more than the required 34 for the size of the building. Five bike racks will also be parking outside the eatery.

No official timetable has been released but with another piece of the red tape out of the way it will be sooner, rather than later that Kalamazooites can enjoy their chicken and a pickle at a seond Chick-fil-A...just not on Sunday.