More than 400 anglers showed up to fish for less than 90 minutes on this Michigan lake.

If you think you don't have the patience to fish, this might be your event. The 2019 sturgeon season on Black Lake was limited to 7 fish and was over in less than an hour and a half. Michigan DNR stocks the Cheboygan County lake and closely manages the marine population and sets strict quotas.

The season officially opened at 8 am on Saturday, February 2 and in less time it would take for Dory to forget why we were here, it was over. More than 400 people brought their poles, tip ups, and spears in the hopes of reeling one in, but were notified via text alerts, signal cannons, mortar rounds and fireworks just 72 minutes later that the limit had been reached. The lucky ones had some nice fish to take home, "according to the DNR, the first four sturgeon harvested were males ranging from 52 to 60 inches, and 25 to 47 pounds in weight. The final two fish were females ranging from 61 to 72 inches long, and 54 to 80 pounds in weight."

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