You won't hear any negative political ads on Ionia's WION; it's a campaign promise we can all endorse.

They call themselves America's Biggest Little Radio Station, but are sitting out a part of the democratic process. WION in Ionia, Michigan, is not accepting advertising from any local candidates vying for office this November. A promo heard on the radio station explains:

We'd rather serve our local businesses year around than politicians and issue-pushers who only come to us for elections”

Citing mudslinging, arguing and the negative tone of campaign ads, WION is refusing to carry any by local office-seekers. As they use the public airwaves and are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, radio stations are required by law to run some political ads but "non-federal candidates do not have a right of reasonable access to a station."

While WION may be losing potential revenue, they believe listeners will be less likely to change the channel due to an irritating, negative campaign message. They are also asking fans to patronize the local businesses that do spend money with the community radio station- truly the American way.

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h/t Wood-TV8