"Unique fashions for guys and gals" at Merry Go Round. Do you remember this popular store at the malls back in the 80s?

This 1984 commercial will take you back to the glory days of Crossroads and Lakeview Square Malls. Merry Go Round was a trendy clothing store that sold gnarly clothes to make you look bad. (Don't forget, it was the 80s, so "bad" meant"good.") Sometimes the prices were a little harsh but you could occasionally score a righteous deal on some parachute pants or a jacket with stacked shoulder pads.

This commercial used Quiet Riot's "Come On Feel the Noize" and changed the words to:

Come on, girls and boys

Fell the fashion noise

and dress wild, wild, wild

at the Merry Go Round

The YouTube channel Consumer Time Capsule perfectly describes the action: "Things start off with a stylishly dressed young lady hatching out of a stereo system. Turns out, there's actually a whole row of speakers and an impromptu fashion show breaks out. The music is blaring so loud that it nearly knocks some of the participants over, but nobody seems to mind. Eventually, the crew follows a double yellow line to the entrance of a Merry Go Round store and they all go shopping."

Did you enjoy shopping to the max and wear choice clothes like this back in the day, or were you a dweeb?