Paw Paw is known for wine, the rest is sour grapes on Urban Dictionary.

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Urban Dictionary has user-generated definitions about nearly everything including towns in Southwest Michigan. Paw Paw gets recognition for its winery and alleged drug trade behind the willows.

(n)- a city in michigan- so nice they named it twice. known for its grape and wine festival, st. julians winery, its drug scene(behind the willow tree).
Jo-Ahhh my parents are making me goto dumba$$ [Paw Paw] michigan.
Bob-Awwe Paw Paw is not that bad.
by motothejo April 03, 2009

Those who know Paw Paw know Paw Paw is known for much more, including Elvisthe man who could breathe fire and its mascot controversy. Redskins and non-residents are invited to comment on Paw Paw below.

Bonus Video: Drone Flyover of Paw Paw House Demolition

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