A reviewer with atrocious spelling critiques Battle Creek- the "ceral" city- on Urban Dictionary.

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We’ve been looking at Urban Dictionary’s definitions of Southwest Michigan towns and this time, Battle Creek draws the anger of an internet troll who probably can't even spell "ire."

A small a$$ city in Michigan. Two hours away from Detroit. Where all there is to do there is get high and watch the pistons and the sorry a$$ Lions play. It also is known for Ceral. (Battle Creek is where most of your ceral, anything Kellogg or Post it comes from Battle Creek.) They are also known for The Worlds Longest Breakfest Table. Two words for ya FREE FOOD!!!!! Anyway its about 27% black,49% white,14% hispanic and 10% other. Its really a f---ed up place!!!
TANYA: Gina lets stop in Battle Creek on our way to Detroit so i can say hi to my mother.
GINA: Is the Breakfest Table going on?
TANYA: I dont think so.
by Brezzybaby August 03, 2006

Although Brezzybaby may have other areas of expertise, spelling and grammar certainly are not a prominent skill. (Wondering if the username is supposed to read "Breezy-baby.")

Surely the Cereal City has more going for it than the World's Longest "Breakfest" Table? Show your hometown pride in the comments section below.

Bonus Video: Fat Tire Bike Race in Battle Creek, February 2017