What makes Mattawan so fly, so fleek? Did this village suddenly grow to a town? Find out what Urban Dictionary has to say about Mattawan, Michigan.

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Our 'Urban Dictionary Defines Your Town' series has been all over Southwest Michigan, this time we visit the village of Mattawan in Van Buren County.


a pimped out town (i wouldnt say suburb)a couple minutes away from Kalamazoo and Western Michigan Campus. alot of the kids are [db's] like Jerry [redacted] and Zach [redacted], but other than that you just blow sh!t up with drano bombs and have fireworks wars

Lets goto Mattawan, becuase theres nothing to do or we could goto the Kalamazoo 10?

by Andyman May 04, 2004

Andyman clearly doesn't enjoy great homemade cooking from The Garden Griddle, incredible Asian food from Chinn-Chinn or award-winning Vietnamese cuisine from Nonla. Get the man more nutella and nuggets and tell us what you think of Mattawan in the comment section below.

Bonus Video: Watch Drone Video Of The Old Formula K Fun Center In Mattawan