If your proportions of a thin waistline and fat wallet are upside-down, used workout gear can solve both problems.

Getting in shape is a popular New Year's resolution but it can be a costly one. What if you buy all this crap and then they finally invent that pill that makes you skinny and you don't have to sweat anymore? Save money on fitness equipment- buy it used on Craigslist. All of these listings are affordable and close to home.

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    Downhill skis

    Downhill skiing is a great way to stay active during the Winter months. The problem is, the cost. These boots alone retail for $400+. Get outfitted with everything you need for just a little more.

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    Maybe you're a little more adventurous and want to learn to snowboard. You can get set up for $25.

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    Slow down the pace and enjoy the wonder of Winter in Michigan on snowshoes.

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    Cross Country Skis

    Wax 'em up and hit the woods on cross country skis. $25 is a deal for everything included here.

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    Weight Bench

    Just add weights.



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    You could use your kayak, surfboard, paddleboard, canoe or fishing boat year 'round with one of these.

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    This game is fun but trust me, it's a workout.

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    Kickboxing bag

    "Kickboxing, the sport of the future."
    -Lloyd Dobbler

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