We asked for your help in putting together a mixtape of 80s love songs for Valentine's Day; here are the 14 love songs for this special occasion on February 14.


  • 1

    "I've Been Waiting for a Girl Like You"- Foreigner

    I've got a former high school girlfriend who insists this was "our song."

    Most Romantic Lyric:

    I've been waiting for someone new

    To make me feel alive

  • 2

    "Endless Love"-Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

    "Friends listen to 'Endless Love' in the dark."

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    Boom, boom,

    Boom, boom, boom boom, boom,

    Boom, boom, boom boom

  • 3

    "The Promise"- When In Rome

    Not one I would have chosen but a solid choice for this list.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    And if I had to walk the world,

    I'd make you fall for me

    I promise you,

    I promise you I will

  • 4

    "Can't Help Falling In Love"- UB40

    Give me Elvis any day but this is a classic song.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    Take my hand

    Take my whole life too

  • 5

    "Take My Breath Away"- Berlin

    The love them from 'Top Gun' deserves a place on the best 80s love songs list for sure.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    If only for today

    I am unafraid

    Take my breath away


  • 6

    "Can't Fight This Feeling"- REO Speedwagon

    Everyone has someone this song reminds them of.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    What started out as friendship has grown stronger

    I only wish I had the strength to let it show


  • 7

    "Will You Still Love Me"- Chicago

    Peter Cetera's love songs changed the band Chicago.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    Take me as I am

    Put your heart in mine, stay with me forever

  • 8

    "In Your Eyes"- Peter Gabriel

    John Cusack makes everything more romantic.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    I see the doorway to a thousand churches

    In your eyes

  • 9

    "Faithfully"- Journey

    Like Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" it tells the lonely story of life on the road.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    I get the joy of rediscovering you

  • 11

    "When You Close Your Eyes"- Night Ranger

    Not a big hit like "Sister Christian" but this is one of my favorites from Night Ranger. Wondering if a past lover ever thinks about you.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    I need a soul to bleed on

  • 11

    "I Want To Know What Love Is"- Foreigner

    Another rock band that had huge success; this is the second entry for Foreigner on this list.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    I wanna know what love is

    I want you to show me


  • 12

    "The Search Is Over"- Survivor

    Really, you can just play all of Side 1 from 'Vital Signs.'

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    Now I look into your eyes

    I can see forever

    The search is over

    You were with me all the while


  • 13

    "The Glory of Love"- Peter Cetera

    Essentially a marriage proposal set to music.

    Most Romantic Lyric: 

    I am a man who will fight for your honor

    I'll be the hero you're dreaming of

  • 14

    "Your Favorite Song"- That Band You Like

    Love what you love- the 14th spot is for your favorite love song.

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