There's a good chance you've never visited the southwestern most point in Southwest Michigan. Greetings from the geographically extreme village of Michiana.

The village is southwest of New Buffalo and drivers on Interstate 94 or US 12 pass nearby likely not even aware of the existence of the village. It takes its name, of course, from the state line is straddles, Michigan and Indiana.

It's also one of the least populated villages in the state with just 192 residents as of the 2010 Census. The village dates back to 1946 and likely has more vacation homes for Chicagoians than year-round residents.

The area's chamber of commerce describes the community as the

sleepy, hidden Village of Michiana, with its many charming log cabins, hugs the state line of Michigan and Indiana. The southernmost town of Harbor Country, it is the summer residence for a number of well-known Chicago celebrities and is best known for its quiet, relaxing cottage neighborhoods that lie within earshot of the Lake Michigan surf. The community’s developers honored the area’s first residents, the Indians, by using names such as Pokagon and Seminole for the village’s meandering roads. The most often heard question is ‚”What stop are you near?‚” referring to the old bus route stations that still dot Lake Shore Drive.

Meandering roads, indeed. It's easy to get lost in Michiana once you leave Michiana Drive (on the state line) or Lake Shore Drive.

If you visit Michiana, know there is not much (if any) parking along Lake Shore Drive. While the beaches may be public, they're not particularly easily accessible. Nor will you find any shopping or restaurants, the village is strictly residential.

And if you're looking for that large wooden map shown above, it's across from the Village Hall at 4000 Cherokee Drive.

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