A small town in Michigan is not what you usually think of when someone says 'Paris'. This tiny slice of the Michigan pie has something pretty big hidden along one of it's walking trails. 

While spending this summer trying to do as many things across the state that are free and open to the public. A series I am calling Free in Michigan. I found an Eiffel Tower sculpture right here in Michigan. Paris, Michigan.

Paris is located in Huron County and with a population of about 560, is nothing like the Paris in France. Taking to foot and walking toward the back of Paris Park which is part of the old Paris State Fish Hatchery next to the White Pines Trail State Park, you will find this 20-foot tall Eiffel Tower and strange Indian statue that was close by.

The story I got from a Park attendant is that there were boarding houses for Government workers on the site. The bunkhouses were torn down and the bed frames stored. some local high school kids thought it would make for great materiel for the welding class. They eventual built the replica of the Eiffel Tower.

The Paris State Fish Hatchery is still active. In fact, I stuck a GoPro on a selfie stick and put it in the water while feeding the fish. Check this out.

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