In our series Kalamazoo Block By Block, we take a look at a different street in Downtown Kalamazoo and share its stories.

This installment is Kalamazoo Avenue, the one-way street that carries M-43 from downtown's East End to Douglas in the Stuart neighborhood.

Kalamazoo Avenue runs through the heart of the city's Arcadia District, described by Downtown Kalamazoo Inc:

You hear it coming in the distance. The Amtrak train traveling east from Chicago. Or west from Detroit. People arriving and departing. And in their own way, they're defining the Arcadia District.

Historically speaking, it began when the city's founder, Titus Bronson, settled at the district's original gateway, Arcadia Creek. Over the years, Arcadia has become a place of change — at Park Trades Center, where ideas can incubate. The Kalamazoo Valley Museum, where new exhibits routinely rotate in and out, bringing us new infusions of ideas. The Kalamazoo Valley Community College and the people who come to learn and then leave to share their knowledge.

See some of the scenes from Kalamazoo Street below:

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