One mom and pop truck stop in Battle Creek is dealing with an unusual money problem.

Jeremy Kanaga, owner of Arlene's Truck Stop off of Exit 92 in Battle Creek, told us the counterfeit problem has snowballed over the last month,

I have confiscated only one counterfeit in 3 years. Then in the last 30 days three counterfeits by two different suspects.

As you can see below, the bills are marked "MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY."  However, when the store is busy a cashier may mistakenly take the bills in a hurry.

Photo Courtesy of Arlene's Truck Stop

Jeremy took to Facebook to post a picture of one of the people who allegedly passed the counterfeit bills and said the following,

This is pissing me off! Keep your Monopoly money at home and stop trying to pass it off at my place! We have you on camera and we are calling the FBI. Photo of one individual passing off one of these counterfeit bills. Please Share!


Photo Courtesy of Arlene's Truck Stop

A fake $100 was passed by the guy above at the register.  The $50 and $20 were left as tips on two different occasions about 2 weeks apart.

If you have any information on the man in the picture above please contact the Battle Creek Police Department.



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