If you're at Bell's Eccentric Cafe these days, and you look out onto the outdoor patio, this may look like a science project popped up, but it's not. Those aren't alien pods. Bell's has igloos in the patio.

An interior peek into the patio dome/igloo at Bell's Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo, (Photo: Dave Benson, TSM)

The igloos (offcially called "patio domes") are on a reservation basis, but a quick phone call to the Eccentric Cafe can take care of that (269-382-2332). The price is $25 for two hours, or $40 for two hours with a drink ticket per person. The igloos (patio domes) have light, heat and there are two seating designs, one is family style (casual seating and a coffee table in the middle), and the other sitting around a table. There are four igloos (patio domes) total, and each can accommodate eight.

A sign on the door leading onto the patio at Bell's Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo, (Photo: Dave Benson, TSM)

While photographing the igloos, a salesman stood there admiring the setup and said this was nothing surprising to him. He was from Minnesota and they have these everywhere.

For those who aren't ice fishers, sitting in this patio dome and drinking some Bell's Beers seems like a great option instead.