There are several vacant store fronts and vacant land in Paw Paw that are ready for a new business to move in. What business is missing that you would like to see in Paw Paw? 

I made a trip to Paw Paw to check out the road construction that has made navigating the streets near impossible. While walking downtown, I noticed several vacant stores and thought that these were great locations and wondered why no one was using them. After posting the question to the Paw Paw Now and Then Facebook page, these were the top answers at the time of writing this.

Deli/Butcher shop                       -5 votes

Jimmy Johns                              -6 votes

Cops and Donuts                        -6 votes

Pet Store                                     -7 votes

Craft Store (hobby and Fabric) -8 votes

Bakery                                      -21 votes!

So if you are looking to open a business in the Paw Paw area, this unscientific poll should tell you what the people in the Village are looking for.

As a bonus for those of you looking, here's a link to available properties in Paw Paw.

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