The last Old Country Buffet in Kalamazoo has closed its doors. So what do you think is missing from Kalamazoo? What should replace Old Country Buffet? 

Now that Old Country Buffet has closed, my first thought was for Ponderosa to come back. Here are some answers I got from the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook page.

That off-brand "steak house" on Westnedge where Applebee's is now was the Bomb -Thomas P. Cavanaugh


Ponderosa totally needs to come back. I used to go one that was were I grew up in Wyoming on 28th. -Scott D. Camp


Yes yes yes yes!!!! We need a good low mid price salad and steak house!!! Golden Corral is NOT low mid price...and it's way too big. -Melissa Noelle


Competition is too stiff in Kalamazoo. I thought their steaks were over tenderized. Salad bar, however, was the best I'd ever been to. -Rod Hovey


I think Ryan's was the best one off them all. -Ivan Decker

That's just a few of the comments but a lot of comments were for Golden Corral to come to Kalamazoo. So now I want to get the real lowdown. What restaurant should replace Old Country Buffet?

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