Is HairMasters on Westnedge Ave the latest casualty of Covid-19 in Portage, Michigan?

I drove by the Helzberg Diamonds building on the corner of Westnedge Ave and Milham Ave in Portage over the 4th of July weekend and noticed an empty store front that used to be HairMasters.  That hair salon has been in this location for at least the last ten years.  And just like that...they're gone.  The store is gutted.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

Many industries have been hit hard by Covid-19 and the economic shut down that followed.  The hair/beauty industry would be near the top of that list.  I'm not surprised to see another local business closed.  However, I empathize for the staff that is now out of work.

I am surprised that there was no mention of the closing anywhere.  There was no sign on the door.  Their facebook page still says they're open.  If you go to their parent company's website, you'll find no info at all.  The former manager of this salon, Emily Midling Schaeffer had this to say in a facebook comment,

The company decided to close our location when our lease was up. Mic Barto, Jenni Sutherland and I are at Heads Up Hair Salon now!

We hate to see another Kalamazoo / Portage area business close it's doors.  We wish everyone who has lost their jobs during this crazy time the best of luck.

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