One of my friends went to Sandusky this weekend; here's what she experienced.

Full disclosure: going to a theme park right now would make me nervous, but that's just me. Judging from all of the pictures and video over the weekend of the reopening of Disneyworld, there are a lot of people who are ready to mask-up and get out of the house.

My friend Gabby is one of them - she and her new husband drove from southeastern Michigan to Ohio over the weekend to check out Cedar Point, and here's what she said about the experience:

Right now is passholders only but they’re opening it up to more people slowly. They’re only letting a certain amount of people in a day so you have to make a reservation. I think the hours are different. I’d have to check but today they closed at 8 (which is normal for Sunday) but I thought I saw they closed at 8 since they opened.

courtesy of GA

They’re cleaning all the rides every 30 minutes. Seats, lap bars, handrails. It made the lines a smidge slow but because there were a lot fewer people in the park it wasn’t bad. Lines were about 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Sanitizer stations everywhere!

Before you get in you have to go through the health screening tent where they check your temperature. Then you go through the regular metal detector/bag check and entrance.

courtesy of GA

And of course masks. Everywhere no matter what. Over your nose and mouth. We saw a group get security called on them 2 times because they kept pulling them down.

The lines were weird because of social distancing. Each group had to be 6ft apart. Lines looked long when they weren’t really that long.

courtesy of GA

We got on four different rollercoasters multiple times and six rides total. We decided to just try to get on as many as we could so we watched the wait times on the app and just went to what was shorter times.

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