On August 17th, Police in Calhoun County recovered the grave marker of a child who died in 1988. 

This is one of those stories that not only makes you angry but makes you sick. What kind of person would steal a tombstone? A child's tombstone at that.

According to WBCK,

Emmett Township Department of Public Safety Officers executed a search warrant, at 610 Niepoth Street, for stolen property. The home has been the scene of previous drug seizures and stolen property.

Police received a tip that a stolen tombstone was at the residence. A search warrant was executed, around 3:00 PM Thursday afternoon and the stone was found buried in the backyard. It belonged to a deceased child who had been laid to rest in Barry County in 1988. Unfortunately, it had been desecrated by the suspects.

They stated that the marker had been desecrated. So again I ask, why would someone do this? What are your thoughts?