This is something that I never really thought of.  We normally concentrate on how much we spend a month or maybe a year.  I'm not sure I want to know how much on average we spend in a single day.  That'll just create more anxiety.  Nevertheless, we have some statistics that represent national trends that we can apply to our life here.

According to, GOBankingRates analized expenditure data and came up with a number.  Would you believe the average amount we spend in a day is $164.55?  Check out how it breaks down and see how close you are:

Average Daily Spending by Americans of All Ages
Groceries $11.95
Housing (Rent/Homeownership) $32.59
Utilities $10.51
Health Insurance $9.35
Charitable Donations $5.13
Education $4.08
Gasoline $5.39
Vehicle Insurance $2.65
Eating Out $9.22
Alcohol $1.53
Entertainment $8.78
Cellphone Service $3.06
Clothing/Apparel $5.02
Pets $1.95
Overall $164.55

If you want more information on the analysis click HERE.