This former Michigan Military base has a shape that makes you think of UFO's and secret airplane's. What was this base used for? 

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Once you cross the Mackinac Bridge into the Upper Peninsula you are immediately surrounded by nature. Almost nothing but trees, sky and the open road. If you follow I-75 North to M-28 and then head West for about ten miles, You will pass through the small town of Raco, with a population so small that it isn't even listed.

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A little further down the road is this airfield that you could drive right past if you didn't know where to look. from a satellite image you can see the triangle start to come into view.

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Here you can see this strangely shaped Air Base that was know as the Raco Army Airfield. The base was built before World War II and has three 5,520' x 300' runways shaped like a triangle. The base was used as a stop for planes heading to Alaska or to defend the locks of Sault Ste. Marie with it's impressive arsenal. The base closed in 1972 and became a winter auto testing ground.


While researching this base, I found that BLDGBLOG had covered ih in 2010. you can see their story here.

Raco Army Airfield Today

And one more of people actually driving on an airstrip.

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