Every hero has an enemy, every Yin has its Yang, and just out of curiosity I wanted to see what people around Kalamazoo thought about having a rival city. To give Kzoo a chance to name a potential rival city that Kalamazoo may have some fun with. It's always good to have a rival. Someone you can admire yet want to prove dominance over. Someone you can look up to, strive to be like, yet want to be a little bit better than. It doesn't have to be all bad.

There were some obvious entries into the mix. I was expecting at least a few people to say Battle Creek, as it's the largest city closest to Kalamazoo. But I was interested to find people had some curious suggestions which pose some real underdog situations. I was also taken sideways to find out people also still have a sense of humor considering everything happening in the world.

Not all the places listed were non-fictional locations, yet pose a real competitive edge. Nevertheless, I find it fun to see who can take on the mighty Kalamazoo in terms of coolness, uniqueness, history, and all around reputation. Given the responses I received and the reactions to those suggestions, I've narrowed the list down to 10 potential rival cities. Here's where I would rank them against Kalamazoo:

What Is Kalamazoo's Rival City?

Well these were certainly some interesting choices. But Eagleton seems to be our true rival!

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