Office Depot in Kalamazoo closed its doors when they merged with Office Max. The store has been vacant until recent construction started up. So who is moving into the building? 

As I drove through the West Main corridor, heading to work, I noticed construction was under way on the front of the building. Usually, there are signs posted saying "Future Home Of..." But nothing. Not a single word of who could be moving in. The only sign listed the construction company and nothing else.

Here's what the storefront looked like from Google street view just after Office Depot closed.

Google street view
Google street view

So, the questions are spinning as to what is happening. Is there a new business coming to Kalamazoo? Is the building owner just making improvements, trying to lure in a new business? Or, maybe Office Max will move across the street into a freshly remodeled and updated building.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Aldis is moving into the space two storefronts from the current location.

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