"Pop Goes the Weasel" got a whole new meaning as the 800 horsepower Ice Cream Man monster truck crushes cars at Kalamazoo Speedway.

You've never seen an ice cream truck like this. Monster truck driver Jimmy Walker was behind the wheel for only his 9th show ("So, he doesn't know any better," chides the track announcer) at Kalamazoo Speedway on September 7, 2013. More than 5 years later, Jimmy is still with the Ice Cream man, although he's a crew member now, not a driver.

The typical music you hear from your neighborhood ice cream truck may as well have been warped and turned up to 11 as this vehicle wasn't stopping to pass out push ups, Klondike bars or drumsticks. Firecrackers and bomb pops seem appropriate, though- watch as the Ice Cream Man monster truck crushes cars in Kalamazoo.

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