This gated 'driveway' is the only one that enters a Michigan freeway/interstate. So who owns it? And can you use it?

Have you ever driven west on I-94 from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo and notice this gated driveway near the 90 mile marker leading to the highway? Ever wonder who owns it? As it turns out, you do, in a manner of speaking. The driveway enters Fort Custer, a portion of which is a State Park and therefor belongs to residents of the state. The other side is a military training facility owned by the federal government. The downside is that you can't use it unless you're the military.

Fort Custer may be a state rec area but part of Fort Custer is still a military training area. They are the only ones with rights to use the driveway. The drive was designed to make easy access for large military vehicles to enter and exit the facility.

I have never seen any vehicles using this driveway but if you have, or if you have any video of it, please share it with us.

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