The small town of Memphis, Michigan lies in the thumb area. The town cemetery is located south of town on Memphis Ridge Road and has been rumored to be haunted for decades.

Way in the back - in the cemetery's oldest section - is a large, dark marble sphere that the locals have dubbed the "Witch's Ball". It's been said that if you look closely into the sphere, apparitions will appear: full figures and faces that will look back at you (no, it's not your reflection).

But the big dark sphere isn't the only thing paranormal in this old cemetery...evidently, people have heard disembodied voices coming from the woods, the graves and other sections of the cemetery, as well as apparitions floating among the gravestones.

Another "feature" the dark sphere has is the ability to move on it's own...some claim it has moved on it's stand without being touched by anyone. Is it caused by temperature changes or some kind of spirit interference? No one has an answer, but locals keep going back for more creepy experiences.

Paranormal teams have investigated this place and is believed to have been featured in a "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" book. The video below claims to include an EVP of a spirit in the Memphis Cemetery. Take a listen and judge for yourself.

If you go visit, keep in mind, it's in the old part of the cemetery, way in the back. And, as always, be respectful of this and ANY reported haunted location...don't vandalize, don't make obnoxious noises, don't visit after hours and don't ruin any future explorations for others.

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