Just how bad do incoming Western Michigan University students have it living on campus? According to this visiting professor, the accommodations aren't the most luxurious.

Professor Kevin Gannon, who teaches at Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa, was in Kalamazoo for the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies held on the WMU campus. He tweeted out a photo of the dorm room that will be his home during the three-day conference.

The conference lights up social media each year. The start of the 2018 gathering quickly became the state of Michigan's top trending Twitter topic.

Gannon calls himself The Tattooed Prof, and while he takes his history and scholarship seriously, he clearly looks to enjoy life away from the books and stuffy academic life.

The dorm rooms are actually the newest on campus, the Western Heights buildings.

One long-time conference attendee replied to the tweet recalling some more uncomfortable WMU dorm-time:

I stayed in the KZoo dorms once for that conference. The beds were torture & the room had a nice steely 1960s lab vibe to it with linoleum that could be hosed down easily should anything go awry. Your cell looks quite posh comparatively. The semblance of wood is a nice touch.

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