Traveling to Northern Michigan can be a long trip. Here is a destination for a quick stop to get some air and see a world record holder on your way. 

Michigan has several records for largest [insert object here]. I did a story on Michigan records just last year called Michigan's Most Unusual Sights, 7 Hold World Records. Since then I have discovered one world record holder that I missed so I will add it to my list of things you can see/do for free in Michigan. located at 7078 M-68 in Indian River, Michigan is the worlds largest crucifix. The cross itself, only 55 feet tall, doesn't hold a record. That record belongs to The Cross at the Crossroads in Effingham, Illinois. The crucifix, aka the man on the cross, does hold the record, 30 feet long from head to toe and weighing 7 tons, this National shrine relieves over 300,000 people each year. There is also a Holy Staircase leading to the crucifix and is one of the two known to exist in Michigan. The other is located in Kalamazoo. Check out some photos in this gallery.

There is also a 'Nun Doll Museum' inside the church building that you can reach through the gift shop. The Doll Museum is free, the gift shop isn't.

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