Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that really is a 60 foot long hot dog on a building. Want to see inside this whale sized wiener? 

Wienerlicious, in Mackinaw City, is home to this unique dog that sits within eye shot of I-75 and the Mackinac Bridge. The giant dog is 60 feet of fiberglass that looks very patriotic with that American flag waving in the background.

Yelp reviews for Wienerlicious very from the love of beer,

You gotta love a place that has 50 beers on draught, many of them local from Michigan. They offer a list of the beers, which would better serve their customers if it had more details about each beer.

To the ones who like to explore corny attractions,

We love taking corny pictures of the biggest/largest stuff in America so when I read about the sixty foot hot dog on top of this restaurant, I added it to our "Must See" list.

To the tongue-in-cheek,

I'm a sucker for a wiener (ahem) so for sure I had to make it in to Weinerlicious on my way back from the UP.

Tripadvisor wasn't so kind with their review calling it "not so delicious".

I didn't find the food to be that bad or that good but the prices for a tourist town were reasonable. Of course, if you just want to check out the big wiener, that's free to do. You can check them out on their Facebook page and in the photos below.

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